Rita and Zia Mini Scarab Silver Tiger Eye Ring

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Rita & Zia Silver Mini Scarab Ring Tiger Eye

925 Sterling Silver Genuine Tiger Eye Stone

Size 56


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Rita & Zia Silver Mini Scarab Ring Tiger Eye

Splendid Ring Mini Scarabée in silver 925

The beetle is a lucky charm. It symbolizes inner strength thanks to its shell which serves as protection and gives courage.

According to some Asian traditions, the tiger's eye is a balancing stone allowing harmony between the yin and the yang present in each of us.

This stone with protective virtues, would protect against the negative waves and the malevolence of others. That's why you can place them at the entrance of your house or carry them with you.

The tiger's eye being linked to the earth, it could relieve joint problems such as arthritis or rheumatism.

Finally, the tiger's eye would have a beneficial effect on stress by balancing nervous energy. In contact with it, one would be filled with positive energy, the digestive system would function better, one would be better able to concentrate and to act wisely.

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